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Wingfoiling is safe, easy and quick to learn, you don't need a second person to help you get started and you don't need a "launch area" (like kitesurfing), just access to the water. Wingfoiling is an absolutely uncomplicated way of getting around on coasts and lakes. On crowded beaches or at spots with a kite ban, it is usually allowed to use the wing without any problems. The advantage is that no lines have to be laid out. With the wing in your hand, you have a much smaller radius. You are self-sufficient, don't need a launch area and can easily launch from small sections of beach, jetties or even from a boat.Even if this all sounds like a child's play, you should definitely take a professional course beforehand. In a course, you will learn the basics for a successful start in wingfoiling quickly, sustainably and, above all, safely.
You can also use the wing in many other sports: longboarding, inline skating, snowboarding, stand-up paddling and much more. The possibilities are almost endless and will give you a lot of fun.

Step 1 (wing handling):

After a short theory that includes the most necessary that you need to know about the wind and water, you will learn to use the wing in a short time.
You will learn how to carry the wing, steer it, turn it and thus “catch” the wind

Step 2 (wing surfing):

a short time later we go into the water fully equipped with neoprene, life jacket, wing and a large surfboard. Now you can refine the handling of the wing on the water and surf for the first time in light wind and smooth water. You will be surprised how quickly you make progress and surf independently after a short time.

Step 3 (wing foiling):

Now we put all the steps together, you will now learn to handle and control the wing on the foil board and will soon be flying alone over the lake driven by the wind, without a motor and almost no noise, very light and almost weightless. Now you’re a wingfoil surfer!

wind foiling 😊

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